Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Noah update

It's been 7 months since Noah has been off of his ketogenic diet. I ran across a recipe I use to use for him the other day and felt overwhelmed and sick to my stomach just looking at it.  A lot like child birth, you forget the pain and anguish of it all pretty quick and enjoy the blessings afterward. Unlike child birth I wouldn't want to bounce back and do it all again. ;)
Noah had a routine EEG on Monday to see how he is doing and once again it was free of seizures. He has now been seizure free for 30 months! It has been so long but in some ways it feels like just yesterday we were in an ambulance rushing to the hospital. As each month passes by I feel more and more peace that epilepsy is a thing of the past. Praising God!
Now for the present. Noah is doing great at school. He loves learning and reads as much as he can. When I look over his math I find myself speeding as fast as I can through it not wanting him to know he is about to be quicker than me at his problem solving. I'm slightly competitive and definitely not ready for my 2nd grader to pass me by ;)
Noah turned 8 years old on March 4th. We are having a Seahawks party this weekend for him. He loved watching the Seahawks this year and bragging to daddy that his team won and the 49rs didn't. He may take after his mama a tad bit when it comes to competing.
Diabetes continues to be a huge part of our daily lives and most nights takes priority of Jon's and my sleep. Noah remains strong through it all but understandably has melt downs about once a week. He received a pump just before Christmas that has made it so he doesn't have to use needles for his insulin. It has been a huge blessing! It has taken awhile to figure out the right adjustments through out the day but overall has been great. We are praying that our insurance will cover a Continual Glucose Monitor. This will be a monitor Noah would wear and it would alarm if he was going low. It would allow Jon and I to get some much needed rest at night as well.
Thanks again for prayers for our family and especially Noah. We are all looking forward to summer and having some much needed fun as a family.

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